Artwork at Bootstrap Artesans

These artwork can now be found at Bootstrap Artesans, which is in the Mander Centre, Wolverhampton.  I also have a selection of prints and cards for sale.


Where does inspiration come from? I think it is from the drip feed of information that we see everyday.  Yesterday I saw a beautiful dress by Pierre Balmain and this led me to my next idea that will include pearls.  I have also been interested in the pearly Kings and Queens and have been looking at their amazing clothing. I wont be using the pearls as a pattern but as markers for stars in the night sky. Ross Bleckner produces beautiful paintings which seem really simple, but beautiful and have a celestial quality to them.  I have recently visited the dark sky at Dumfries and Galloway, where the Milky Way is visible.  When all of these inspirations come together that is how we get the idea

New painting: Void


This is a piece I have been working on over the last few weeks as I have built up the layers of oil using the fat over lean method. This was very time consuming but I’m hoping that it was worth it as it has added a depth to the painting, as I have used different colours to build the layers. I am trying to portray the void in space, not sure how successful that has been.