New painting of Eric Sykes (Unfinished)

This is the beginning of my new painting of Eric Sykes, which will have decoupaged flowers and motifs painted with oil glazes.  I will incorporate some of the lyrics from The Byrds song Turn Turn Turn (There is a season)

New Commission based on a stained glass window (Unfinished)

I have been commissioned by a church to create a painting based on a stained glass window.  I have used a Kaleidoscope pattern that Incorporate into many pieces of my artwork.  I have built up the layers of oil and am in the process of painting the glazes on top and tidying up the colours.

New painting based on the Silence of the lambs

I have based this new artwork on the film The silence of the lambs.  I didn’t want to use too obvious motifs and have used some of my other artwork in this painting: e.g Anne Boleyn and some anatomical drawings.  I have used Oils for the background with gold leaf and decoupage to add depth.

Progress on unfinished painting based on stained glass windows.

I have been working on a new painting which is based on stained glass windows.   I wanted the artwork to have the translucency of a stained glass window.  I began by looking a nebulas, black holes and space photographs so I could get an ethereal look to the painting.  I have kept a limited palette of colours as I will be overlapping the oil paint so the colours on top will change the under painting.