New items for my store

I have been working on some smaller items for my website and also for the Shop in the Square, Wolverhampton, where I have some of my artwork.  I have use found objects and small flowers and collaged images to finish off the pieces.  The Anne Boleyn shadow box was commissioned by a customer.

New Oil painting progress

This is the progress on my new oil painting.  I have started to put the coloured oil glazes on top of the original bird painting by thinning it down with linseed oil and turpentine, each layer I add more of the oil, which is called the fat over lean method.  This allows the underneath colours to shine through.



New oil painting: part of a series of six.

I have been working on a new oil painting which will be part of a series of six. Each painting will represent a wife of Henry VIII.  These paintings are for my aunt who bought me an observers book of birds when I was about 9 and a Henry VIII puzzle, showing all of his six wives.  I have been interested in these two subjects my whole life, so these are to thank her for making part of my life so interesting. Each painting will have a stained glass window glazed over the top, which I haven’t yet started, but will be similar to the one shown.