St Francis of Assisi painting -work in progress

I have been working on a new painting similar to Joan of Arc painting. This is of a statue of St Francis of Assisi which will have moss growing on it. I will be using similar motifs to the Joan of Arc painting.  I had to redo the figure as he was too slim. The black and white paints are harder to use than the metallic paints. It’s in the stage that I don’t like at the moment, but will keep on with it. 

Ideas for new artwork

Where do you get your ideas from? Is it another artwork, wallpaper pattern, book etc… my latest arework is of Joan of Arc. I had seen a gold statue at Christmas in Paris by the louvre museum. I then saw the Dior spring/summer collection with its tarot and bee keeper designs. I decided to use some medieval stars inspired by the tarot cards. These may have small beads sewn into them. I am going to incorporate some text which will say, she’s more than a lady. I heard this in a Duran Duran song, girls on film. Because she definitely is, more than a lady.