New painting for exhibition

I have been working on a new painting for my exhibition next month, this one is based on the alfornini wedding by Jan van eyck. I have used simple outlines to portray the figures. I have used some collage and sanded it down, I will be using napkins that have been taken into one layer to lay over the top to create depth, I am yet to find them so am on the lookout. Hope you like it.


New Exhibition in June

I am working on a new exhibition which will be held at the Asylum Gallery, which is in Wolverhampton.  I am working on several pieces at a time.  The exhibition will be called Vestiges of Camouflage.  I am re-working several of my old paintings with patterns.  I am looking at the wonderful work of mathematician Roger Penrose, who’s drawings inspired the works of M. C Escher, look him up when you get chance, he has made some amazing drawings.