Two new drawings, Queen Elizabeth 1st and Mary Queen of Scots and Madame de Pompadour

I’ve decided to do more drawing and have to say I’ve loved doing these. I wished I’d kept the Queen Elizabeth 1st and Mary Queen of Scots one just black ink. So I won’t be colouring any of them again. Anyway I’m doing Venus next. Hope you like them!


Working on my new paintings

I’ve been adding the layers of oil paint slowly to add depth to them. There is about 50 layers now. I have used spray paint for the wording which I then sanded back and then covered in a yellow/brown colour. I will be adding the peonies and faces soon. I love the colours now, hope you do too!

New paintings. Exciting times

I’m making a series of new paintings. I love to build the backgrounds up. They usually have about 40 layers of oil to add depth. I use the fat over lean method. Which is adding more oil to each layer so that you can add more layers without taking the under layer off. These are only in the initial stages so ignore the ghastly doily shapes they will be disappearing under layers and barely visible. I have also added glitter to the paint which I don’t like the look of, but we have to experiment right?

Workspace and ideas

Here is my indoor workspace. I have been getting together a sketch board over the past week and have got some great ideas for new work. I am not quite sure how I am going to get the results I want so I will have to experiment. I will be incorporating black holes and birds into five of the paintings. The sixth painting will have a Victorian London edge to it. Cannot wait to start later on this week.