Suicide sqaud Fibonacci

  1. I  have produced this Fibonnaci spiral for the Electric Cinema in Birmingham. It is made up of suicide squad comics to firm the spiral pattern. Each part of the pattern is cut from the comic and collaged onto the canvas. If you get to visit the cinema, which is one of he oldest in the country, you will step back in time with its art deco interior.

Its been a busy few days

Its been a busy few weeks, with the open studio event, two exhibitions and a street art event. Not to mention creating stock for my other business Wolverhampton Gifts. I am now creating a colouring in book which will include iconic landmarks and buildings from my home city. Its been great researching Wolverhampton and I’ve found out so much I didn’t know. Such as one of the Ripper victims was from here. Also we have the third oldest church bells in the world. We also executed traitors who were part of the gunpowder plot. Hopefully I’ll be able to show you some of the book next week.