Two new artworks in the vestiges series

These artworks are part of the vestiges series which have been produced as part of my exhibition in Wolverhampton. These will be on show at a wonderful pub called the chindt which is based in Chapel ash, one of the oldest parts of Wolverhampton. The paintings feature Michaelangelo’s David. The fist is a spray painted stencil onto a collaged background and the second is cut out of wallpaper. I have handmade the go frames using found pieces of wood.

Updated website

I have recently updated my website which now has most of my artwork on it. I am busy building frames for some new artworks that I can’t wait to share with you, They will be on show at a local pub which has given us a fantastic space to work with as part of the junction festival of arts held every year in Wolverhampton. If you like to take a look at my website:

Studio Time

Here is my little studio. I have to work half in and half out as it is a little tiny Anderson shelter. I can’t imagine sitting in it to the sound of bombs dropping, must have been terrifying. A lot of my artwork has a camouflage theme and I was lucky to get this studio which has so much history behind it. I’ve added a porthole and door so can work inside when the weather is bad. Hope you like it!