Shrine at my exhibition

My recent exhibition had a shrine, which people were invited to add small items and mementos.  These objects have been collected over time and arranged to give it a religious feeling.


Vestiges of camouflage

My exhibition opens this Friday, 8th June 7 till 9 pm at the asylum gallery, Chapel ash wolverhampton, everyone welcome, available by appointment throughout June. Drop me an email at to make an appointment. Hope ypu can come!

Studio Time

Here is my little studio. I have to work half in and half out as it is a little tiny Anderson shelter. I can’t imagine sitting in it to the sound of bombs dropping, must have been terrifying. A lot of my artwork has a camouflage theme and I was lucky to get this studio which has so much history behind it. I’ve added a porthole and door so can work inside when the weather is bad. Hope you like it!

New painting for exhibition

I have been working on a new painting for my exhibition next month, this one is based on the alfornini wedding by Jan van eyck. I have used simple outlines to portray the figures. I have used some collage and sanded it down, I will be using napkins that have been taken into one layer to lay over the top to create depth, I am yet to find them so am on the lookout. Hope you like it.