Inspiration is everywhere

I am doing a series of five paintings the idea will hopefully become clearer as I don’t want to give the viewer any information I want them to make their own idea. Anyway I got inspired by this image from line of duty which I have watched the whole 3 seasons in one go.

Aren’t these images beautiful? I love them


It all begins here and Go the extra mile

Here are two new artworks which are based on nature and the Fibonacci pattern.  I have used paint, posca pens and spray paint to create these paintings.  I then used the next door neighbours shelving unit for the frames.  A great way to upcycle!

Two new artworks in the vestiges series

These artworks are part of the vestiges series which have been produced as part of my exhibition in Wolverhampton. These will be on show at a wonderful pub called the chindt which is based in Chapel ash, one of the oldest parts of Wolverhampton. The paintings feature Michaelangelo’s David. The fist is a spray painted stencil onto a collaged background and the second is cut out of wallpaper. I have handmade the go frames using found pieces of wood.