Humming birds (new ideas)

I am producing a series of bird paintings/sketches/ideas which are an idea based upon the 3 birds taken from my street art. These 3 are titled 3 little birds  (where are you now?) I have used lovely metallic and neon paints.  


I’ve been working on two new paintings. Joan of Arc and St. Francis of Assisi. I loved using the new metallic and neon paint. Hope you like them

St Francis of Assisi painting -work in progress

I have been working on a new painting similar to Joan of Arc painting. This is of a statue of St Francis of Assisi which will have moss growing on it. I will be using similar motifs to the Joan of Arc painting.  I had to redo the figure as he was too slim. The black and white paints are harder to use than the metallic paints. It’s in the stage that I don’t like at the moment, but will keep on with it.