It used to be so nice, It used to be so good.

These two artworks are made in a similar way with two different themes, one shows Marie Antoinette spending time in her garden at Le Petit Trianon and the other shows Crazy horse, he was at one with his horse when he went into battle. The text is from the Abba song S.O.S about love coming to an end. I thought this was appropriate for these two painting of these historical figures who both died at 37 years of age.
It used to be so nice. Mixed media. £70.00
It used to be so good. Mixed media. SOLD

I feel beneath the White (I feel safest of all)

I feel beneath the white (I feel safest of all)

New painting of Geronimo, I have used decoupage motifs which I thought appertained to the Native American imagery. I have used acrylics and oils. I tried a couple of new painting techniques to produce the camouflage pattern on the face.