Turn (There is a season)

I have finished my painting of one of my favourite actors, Eric Sykes, using motifs which are reminiscent of childhood stories. This painting is from my series Icons of childhood.  The wording there is a season is from the Byrds song Turn! Turn!Turn! (To everything there is a season) which reminds me of Eric when I hear it.

New painting of Eric Sykes (Unfinished)

This is the beginning of my new painting of Eric Sykes, which will have decoupaged flowers and motifs painted with oil glazes.  I will incorporate some of the lyrics from The Byrds song Turn Turn Turn (There is a season)

Bedtime Story

This is my painting “Bedtime story” part of the series Icons of childhood.  It is a painting of Marc Bolan with the birds from the nursery rhyme, Who killed Cock Robin?  with text from the rhyme.  The painting has been sold but is available as a Giclee print.  Please email for details and prices.