What do I do all day?

I often get asked what do I do all day.  Well here is a typical day so people can get an idea of being an artist, and I can tell you a lot of it doesn’t involve making artwork.

8.15 get my son off to school and do a bit of housework, sort the dogs out.

8.50 am Start designing badges and mirrors as I am going to have some work at a new shop in Shrewsbury and I want to have some smaller items to sell. I also had to mend my SD card as it had formatted itself and I have a lot of designs on there that I didn’t want to lose.

10.00 am I caught up on some housework as I work from my studio based at my home.  I like to break up the day so it doesn’t become monotonous

11.15 am Pick up an artwork from a local community centre that has been sold to deliver to a customer later on this evening.

12.10 am Work on some small shadow boxes for Shrewsbury.  I am waiting for some small flowers to be delivered from ebay so hopefully will be able to finish these off today.

13.15 pm Upload some artwork onto social media sites, Instagram, twitter and facebook with the link to my new website, which has a store to make it easier to purchase my work. I add about four images as I don’t want loads of work all in one go.  I will add more later on in the day.

13.50 pm Print off new badge designs and make them into badges, mirrors and fridge magnets, I am using natural history motifs such as butterflies, moths and birds.

3.00 pm As my work will be shown in Shrewsbury and the town is know for its most famous resident Charles Darwin I have decided to create work based on natural history, although this is something that I always use in my artwork.  I am working on some small wall hangings which will show butterflies, bird eggs, birds etc.

4.30 pm start the evening meal and tidy up the mess I have created.  Check emails and social media for any messages.

5.30 pm Take dogs for a walk and finish off the evening meal. Have a look in the skip down the road and acquire  a big mirror.

6.15  pm Make and print receipt off for customer and deliver artwork. Put some more images on social media.

7.17 pm  Now time to watch tv and relax with the hubby and the dogs


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