New Painting: Granddad’s Garden (Unfinished)

This is my latest painting, which is based on the time I spent in the garden with my Granddad, the plants that he grew, the animals we saw and the insects that populated the garden.  Has many layers to be added to it.  Will also paint some tomato’s when I get chance.

7 thoughts on “New Painting: Granddad’s Garden (Unfinished)

    1. Hello, my Granddad was in the first World War. He was in the Staffordshire Regiment. I have the Regiments war records. He was captured for two years. I don’t know where the camp was though and haven’t been able to find out.

      1. With a name and Service Number, you will find a great deal on the Net. I can look up his medal entitlement and see if he has a Service Record; although most were burned in the Blitz.
        If you look at you will find more about the Regiment and Battalion if you know it. The medal card may show the Battalion incidentally. is a great Great War Forum with experts on everything. They may have the Red Cross records for his PoW status…
        Telling the tale of the man in your beautiful painting would be the icing on the cake…

      2. There were 4 Longdens in the North Staff. Rgmnt. Tom. A Longden was in the 1st Bttn. Don’t know the others, although Walter has a similar number suggesting he was also 1st Bttn. All 4 received BWM and Victory medals. No 1914-15 Stars which tells us they all went abroad in 1916 onwards.

      3. Hello, My Granddad’s name was Francis William Lee. I have Battalion records. I will let you know his service number asap, as they are kept in my art studio, I am interested in the history of World War I and 2. And also the Vietnam war. Most of my camouflage paintings are based on the imagery of war. I am very interested in my work to show the hidden side of wars we do not see. I often use bird imagery to show them as a symbol of freedom. Many thanks for your help.

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